Vitria’s Operational Intelligence Apps: Implementing Success in the Field

I recently attended the Boulder BI Brain Trust with Dale Skeen, Vitria’s CTO and Dave McPherson, Vitria’s Field CTO. We were there to talk about Operational Intelligence and preview some exciting new Apps to a gathering of leading BI analysts, experts, and practitioners. We discussed the importance of real-time insights into end-to-end business operations and how to improve processes and efficiencies across the board. And of course, we elicited their thoughts on where BI is going, their advice on our marketing direction and their feedback on our offerings.

Here are some common threads that emerged from our discussions:

  • Minimizing latency from data to action – Several of the practitioners in the room said that their clients were beginning to realize how critically important it was to significantly reduce the time to take action on insights that they gleaned from their data.
  •  Connecting diverse data sources – One of the biggest challenges their clients face is around collecting, correlating, and analyzing diverse data sources and structured, richly structured, and loosely structured formats.
  • Translating rich data into valuable insights – One of my favorite comments was from a practitioner who remarked, “My customers are data rich, but insight poor.” Big Data is only a problem to the extent that companies are unable to glean insight from it.
  • IT doesn’t have to be the rigid and clumsy battleship Apps – The “aha” moment for several in the audience was when we demonstrated how the Operational Intelligence Apps really empower business users to uncover, analyze and act on data with little IT involvement. It makes IT a hero and portrays them as far more agile and responsive.
  • Uncovering hidden “dark” processes – Real-time monitoring for previously invisible, but important transactions and events vastly improves operational performance.
  • Continuous, real-time analysis is gaining importance – Forensic, after-the-fact analysis alone doesn’t cut it anymore. The need to be able to take action while a customer transaction is in progress, for instance, is making companies sit up and take notice of tools that couple continuous, real-time analysis of data with the ability to take immediate action.

If you’d like to listen to a short podcast that we recorded with Claudia Imhoff of Boulder BI Brain Trust, where we discussed the essential capabilities required to gain Operational Intelligence and how our latest innovations, Operational Intelligence Apps, can simplify and accelerate uncovering, analyzing, and acting on information, click here.

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