Vitria Selected As a Top 20 Contender in the Nokia Innovation Challenge

Recently we participated in the Nokia Innovation Challenge and presented our views and capabilities around Operational Intelligence as a streaming platform for innovation, insight and personalization. During our presentation we discussed the problems and limitations that organizations experience with respect to batch data processing and the associated inherent data latency.

These limitations – along with siloed systems – force companies into reactive mode because they hinder the ability to harness insights from network data within the window where there’s still a chance to solve problems and seize customer-driven opportunities.

Our Operational Intelligence solution combines stream capture, high performance stream processing, advanced visualization and process-based response.

The benefits that we deliver through leveraging streaming analytics across systems and data formats include:

  • Real-time insight into individualized customer experiences and network performance
  • Reduced churn through improved service levels
  • Monetization of previously untapped data assets
  • Competitive advantage achieved through innovation

We are pleased to be selected as one of the top 20 contenders in the challenge, among 100 submissions, and look forward to continuing the discussion and moving the ball forward with respect to innovation and advancement around streaming analytics.

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