Vitria extends IoT Leadership with Industry Award

Vitria Frost Sullivan Award
Vitria received some exciting news recently when Frost & Sullivan presented us with this year’s Award for Best Practices in IoT Analytics Platforms for the Utilities Industry. Frost and Sullivan conducts ongoing research across a wide range of markets and geographies looking for candidates for the award. They take a comprehensive approach in evaluating companies and products, and consider factors ranging from innovation to service quality. This award is a result of Vitria’s dedication to continuous innovation in our VIA Platform as well as our specific focus on the requirements and challenges in the utilities industry.

Vitria has extensive experience with IoT applications in the utilities industry. The VIA platform is the backbone for applications that manage over 70M devices in the industry. The platform is used to manage Smart Meters for several national European utilities companies, and in some cases these companies are on their second or third application with VIA. Our growing knowledge base of use cases, and expertise in building key performance indicators for utilities operational managers is another key reason for our selection for this award by Frost & Sullivan.

The growing strength of the VIA IoT Analytics Platform itself was also a key ingredient in our selection. Frost & Sullivan places a premium on innovation as a success factor, and VIA has gained several key new and innovative capabilities in the last 6 months. Chief among those is our Analytic Data Flow (ADF) capability that enables non-programmers to define and manage analytics data flows for complex IoT applications. Innovations such as ADF accelerate the time for development of IoT Analytics applications and utilities customers and others have embraced this low code / no code innovation in VIA.

The power of VIA’s ADF innovation is magnified because it sits atop the overall unified VIA Platform that contains the full suite of capabilities needed for the demands of IoT Analytic in utilities and other industries. For a quick snapshot of the VIA platform, watch this video.

To learn more about why Frost & Sullivan chose VIA in utilities, you can also visit the utilities industry section of our web site.

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