Upcoming Webinar: How Telco Providers Can Leverage Streaming Analytics to Monetize M2M and IoT and Improve the Customer Experience

The proliferation of Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives has created a new set of challenges and opportunities for CSPs. In addition to managing large-scale mobile networks, CSPs must now monitor, manage and address issues affecting a larger and more diverse population of connected devices.

To address the emerging magnitude of operational complexity and to continuously deliver the best possible service, streaming analytics capabilities are more important than ever for CSPs. When CSPs are leveraging streaming big data analytics, they can immediately and automatically collect, correlate, analyze and act on streaming data in diverse formats across disparate systems within seconds of occurrence. This means that CSPs are able to not only detect and address issues as events are unfolding but also prevent them from cycling through and negatively impacting the customer experience – and, on the flip side, seize opportunities for real-time 1:1 marketing precisely when customers are likely most receptive.

On Wednesday, September 17th I will be presenting a webinar at 11:00AM EST / 8:00AM PST in conjunction with TM Forum on how CSPs can leverage and benefit from streaming big data analytics to build loyalty, reduce churn and generate incremental revenue. I will also discuss how to monetize M2M and IoT and successfully address proliferation of an expanding population of diverse connected devices to continuously deliver quality service.

To learn more, please listen in on the presentation on September 17th at 11:00AM EST / 8:00AM PST. Click here to register now.

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