Upcoming Webinar: How Organizations Can Leverage Streaming Analytics to Create Value from Their Internet of Things Initiatives

On Thursday October 23rd at 10:00AM PST, Dr. Dale Skeen, CTO and co-founder of Vitria, will co-present a webinar with Mike Gualtieri, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research.  Dr. Skeen and Mr. Gualtieri will focus the discussion on how organizations are leveraging streaming analytics to extract tangible business value from their Internet of Things (IoT) projects.

Mr. Gualtieri will talk about the opportunities associated with harnessing streaming data as it flows through to extract maximum value, and how streaming analytics platforms enable a whole new class of IoT applications.

Dr. Skeen will highlight three key tiers of value, including operational efficiency, security and surveillance, and business initiatives for IoT analytics. He will also discuss the critical requirements for IoT analytics, including the exponential growth in connected things, the super exponential growth in data, the compressed time value of information, and automation, explained via three fascinating IoT use cases – fraud detection, equipment failure prediction, and real-time 1-to-1 marketing.

We hope that you are able to attend the webinar on October 24th at 10:00AM PST to learn more about how streaming analytics delivers significant business value from IoT.

Click here to register now. 

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