Stop Spam in Its Tracks: How Operators Can Protect Customers from Mobile Fraud

Have you been a victim of spam on your mobile device? I’ve been lucky so far but I know a number of colleagues and friends who have not been so fortunate. For them, what can be a relentless stream of unwanted texts can become pretty wearing. And, with governments increasingly stepping in to regulate and monitor mobile spam, operators are forced to take action. No operator wants to be top of the list when it comes to the number of spam messages delivered.

The GSMA now estimates that the SMS spam rate is as high as 20% in some geographical locations. While mobile customers suffer the direct brunt of spam, mobile carriers are also significantly affected, and the damage extends beyond a negative customer experience and a hit to brand equity. For operators, the increase in mobile spam causes lost revenue, wasted network bandwidth, and increased operational costs and churn.

As mobile spam proliferates, operators need solutions that can keep up with and stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated spam-based fraud schemes, because spammers are innovating as fast as the operators and the security providers they use. And, the key to success on the anti-spam front lies not only in the ability to detect spam in real-time but also in implementing a solution that’s flexible enough to adapt to more complex fraudulent activity as it evolves.

To proactively address this evolving threat, operators can deploy a streaming analytics solution like Vitria Operational Intelligence. By applying complex detection patterns to high-volume network events, it can detect spam as it’s being sent through. Further, it can correlate variables including SMS rates, IMSIs and IMEIs used over an extended period of time along with location and time of day, helping operators detect and shut down spam before it cycles through to subscribers.

The benefits of using streaming analytics for mobile spam prevention are two-fold:

  1. Operators avoid the direct costs associated with spam proliferation – lost revenue, wasted bandwidth, operational inefficiency and regulatory intervention all drag on the bottom line.
  2. They avoid the soft costs – including a compromised customer experience, a hit to brand equity and increased churn.

Operators leveraging streaming analytics can protect their customers from fraud perpetrated on their mobile networks. Identification and containment measures can be automated and deployed instantaneously – down to the second of occurrence – thereby mitigating losses for both the operator and the customer. When operators can proactively detect and prevent fraud and improve situational awareness in real-time, they both improve operational efficiency and protect customers using their networks.

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