The Future Of Network Service Providers In Serving The Connected Lives Of Consumers At Home And At Work

Windstream and Vitria discuss how innovative technologies are being leveraged to drive change, generate value and support emerging consumer demands in a secured and cost-effective manner.

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IoT Innocation Acceleration Model
Mike Houston

Fast Innovation Beats the Best Model

Driving immediate value in your IoT Analytics Initiatives is not easy.  If you are finding… Read More
Analytics Maturity Model graph
Mike Houston

Analytics Maturity Model for IoT

Nearly every Internet of Things industry survey and market forecast has suggested that there is… Read More
IoT Evolution Expo Recap
Dale Skeen

IoT Analytics: Evolving Quickly at IoT Evolution

  At the recent IoT Evolution Expo in Fort Lauderdale, I had the opportunity to… Read More
Iot Analytics: Build or Buy Roadsigns to watch for
Vitria Marketing

IoT Analytics: Buy vs. Build – The Key Questions to Ask Before You Decide

Advanced analytics is making it possible to create new IoT applications that drive better business… Read More
Internet of Things Video
Vitria Marketing

The Internet of Things – Challenges and Opportunities [Video]

In November of 2014, Daniel Burrus wrote an excellent piece in Wired Magazine titled:  “The… Read More
Three areas to generate value with IoT
Vitria Marketing

Generating Value in IoT – What Types of Opportunities Create the Greatest Value?

IoT and specifically analytics with IoT has the potential to generate significant value for businesses… Read More
Key to Vitria's Analytic Value Chain
Vitria Marketing

Analytics Value Chain – Key to Delivering Value in IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) generates massive amount of data. These data creates possibilities for… Read More
Fast Track Your Path to a Smart Grid
Vitria Marketing

How to Fast Track Your Path to a Smart Grid by Leveraging the Analytics Value Chain™

The movement to a Smart Grid is a significant and growing trend in the industry,… Read More
Can Analytics for IoT Business Value for Manufacturers
Vitria Marketing

Can Advanced Analytics for IoT Drive Significant Business Value for Manufacturers?

In a recent survey by Tata Communications, Industrial manufacturers reported a 29% increase in revenue… Read More
Is Advanced Analytics the Answer to Boosting Predictive 1-to-1 Marketing
Vitria Marketing

Is Advanced Analytics the Answer to Boosting Predictive 1-to-1 Marketing?

Communications service providers (CSPs) provide lots of value to their customers, yet revenue and subscriber… Read More
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