Breaking the IoT Analytics Bottleneck

Writing code is a major bottleneck
in IoT Analytics projects. Learn about
our Low Code/No Code Visual
Development Environment!

Breaing the Bottleneck
Three areas to generate value with IoT
Vitria Team

Generating Value in IoT – What Types of Opportunities Create the Greatest Value?

IoT and specifically analytics with IoT has the potential to generate significant value for businesses… Read More
Key to Vitria's Analytic Value Chain
Vitria Team

Analytics Value Chain – Key to Delivering Value in IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) generates massive amount of data. These data creates possibilities for… Read More
Fast Track Your Path to a Smart Grid
Vitria Team

How to Fast Track Your Path to a Smart Grid by Leveraging the Analytics Value Chain™

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Can Analytics for IoT Business Value for Manufacturers
Vitria Team

Can Advanced Analytics for IoT Drive Significant Business Value for Manufacturers?

In a recent survey by Tata Communications, Industrial manufacturers reported a 29% increase in revenue… Read More
Is Advanced Analytics the Answer to Boosting Predictive 1-to-1 Marketing
Vitria Team

Is Advanced Analytics the Answer to Boosting Predictive 1-to-1 Marketing?

Communications service providers (CSPs) provide lots of value to their customers, yet revenue and subscriber… Read More
Advanced Analytics & Operational Intelligence
Vitria Team

Advanced Analytics & Operational Intelligence: A Perfect Marriage?

In today’s fast-paced, data-driven economy, traditional Business Intelligence moves too slowly since it uses historical… Read More
Analytics is the Key to Value
Vitria Team

The Analytics Value Chain™ –The Key to Delivering Value in IoT?

In our last blog, “Can a Traditional Analytics Approach Empower Business Operations In The IoT?”… Read More
Traditional Analytics empowering Business Operations
Vitria Team

Can a traditional analytics approach empower business operations in the IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is about digitization of physical assets encompassing sensors, devices, machines,… Read More
IoT Evolution
Vitria Team

IoT Evolution or Revolution? – Making the Thing Nervous System a Reality

The Internet of Things (IoT) could not be a bigger "buzz phrase" at this point.… Read More
Power of Fast Analytics over Slow Data
Dale Skeen

Power of Fast Analytics over Slow Data

Fast analytics over fast data makes sense intuitively. How about fast analytics over slow data?… Read More
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