The State of Digital Operations [Podcast]

Hear Vitria’s Chris Menier discuss the keys to enabling successful digital transformation in the telecommunications and cable sector in our latest podcast.

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Information Triage: A Necessary Component of Operational Intelligence

By Jeffrey Northrup, Senior Solutions Consultant Human beings are natural complex-event processing engines. Our innate… Read More
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Inside SAP: How to Gain Real-Time Visibility

Vitria recently hosted a live webinar featuring guest analyst James G. Kobielus of Forrester Research,… Read More
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Mastering the End-to-End Business Ecosystem in the 21st Century

By Brian Bohan, Vice President of Worldwide Sales Consulting Today’s customers demand ever greater simplicity… Read More
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SAP’s Top 3 Shortcomings…And How They Can Impact Your Business

SAP is the world’s largest business software company and the third-highest revenue independent software provider,… Read More
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Optimize Your SAP Investment: Sustain Performance and Value. Business. Processes. Customers. Technology.

Looking back at the last post on Linking Your Business Processes to Performance for Increased… Read More
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Operational Intelligence: Linking Your Business Processes to Performance for Increased Insight

When my CTO, Dr. Dale Skeen, told me that he’d be attending this year’s Gartner… Read More
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What to Expect When You’re Expecting: How to Resolve Your IT Queuing Concerns

By Joaquin Copete, BPM Solutions Consultant It’s perhaps something we’ve all experienced. The frustration in… Read More
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Continuously Monitoring ‘Jumpers’ at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

Following the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant experienced… Read More
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How to Lead the Customer Experience in the Energy & Utilities Sector: 3 Fundamental Principles from the ‘Father of CEM’

Lewis P. Carbone is widely recognized in academic and business circles as the thought leader… Read More
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3 Ways Operational Intelligence Can Help NATO Achieve Full Situational Awareness in Libya

Anyone who’s ever seen a war movie certainly knows about the communication breakdown that can… Read More
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