Technological Innovations Enabling Digital Transformation

Vitria’s Chris Menier Weighs in on The Role of AI and Analytics in Enabling Successful Digital Transformation of the Cable/Telco Sector

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Evolution or Is It?: Historical Synopsis of Why “Hidden” Business Processes Exist

The state of our modern business world is the result of a rapid adoption of… Read More
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Leading Research Firm Highlights TXU Energy’s Operational Success in Case Study

TXU Energy, the largest retail supplier of electricity in the State of Texas, is the… Read More
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What is Process Visibility?

Successful business operations depend on processes – specifically, on repeatable, measurable processes that can be… Read More
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Key Success Factors for Metrics & KPI Visibility and Governance

By: Brian Bohan, Vice President of Worldwide Sales Consulting In conversations with contacts at other… Read More
Building the End-to-End Customer Picture
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Building the End-to-End Customer Picture

Traditional Service Assurance is Network-centric Simply understanding that network devices and services are available and… Read More
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Service Assurance 2.0: How Do You Calculate the Customer Experience?

What Encompasses the Customer Experience? According to Vice President & Research Director Richard Snow of… Read More
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Service Assurance 2.0: Information Challenges Facing Today’s Companies

There’s certainly plenty of data for scientists to work with. IDC estimates consumers and companies… Read More
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Service Assurance 2.0: Business Challenges Facing Today’s Companies

In the summer of 2005, Mr. Paul M. English, a veteran technologist and serial entrepreneur,… Read More
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Operational Intelligence: Enhancing Business Activity Monitoring

New regulations require businesses to have complete visibility into and reporting on processes as well… Read More
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The When, Where, & Why of Business Activity Monitoring

In my last post I defined Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) and alluded to who should… Read More
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