You Could Take Full Advantage of Operational Intelligence

Operations: Making it Better, Smarter…AND STRATEGIC

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Service Assurance 2.0: Business Challenges Facing Today’s Companies

In the summer of 2005, Mr. Paul M. English, a veteran technologist and serial entrepreneur,… Read More
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Operational Intelligence: Enhancing Business Activity Monitoring

New regulations require businesses to have complete visibility into and reporting on processes as well… Read More
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The When, Where, & Why of Business Activity Monitoring

In my last post I defined Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) and alluded to who should… Read More
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The What & For Whom of Business Activity Monitoring

The term Business Activity Monitoring, or BAM, was first coined by Gartner analyst David W.… Read More
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Next-Generation Service Assurance for Communications Service Providers

By Thomas Degen, Senior Solutions Architect The big news today is Google’s acquisition of Motorola… Read More
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Service Assurance for Operations Support Systems

By Thomas Degen, Senior Solutions Architect I continue my series on Service Assurance with the… Read More
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Service Assurance for Business Support Systems

By Thomas Degen, Senior Solutions Architect I’d like to elaborate more on Service Assurance for… Read More
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Cyber Security Secret Sauce Recipe: 3 Key Ingredients for a Total Solution

Cyber attacks are on the rise, with hacker groups, such as LulzSec and Anonymous, attacking… Read More
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IBM’s Watson: What Does Complex-Event Processing Mean For Customer Experience Management?

In 1997, IBM’s Deep Blue defeated grandmaster Gary Kasparov in a game of chess. Less… Read More
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Two Different Angles to Service Assurance

By Thomas Degen, Senior Solutions Architect Service Assurance is a widely used term that people… Read More
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