Operational Intelligence and the Smart Grid.

When building out a Smart Grid strategy there are some basic questions that need to be answered. You will have millions of Smart Meters on multiple Advanced Meter Infrastructures (AMI), generating potentially millions of events a day.

  1. How will you process and assimilate all that data?
  2. Can traditional solutions convert raw data in to business actionable events, or even fully automated responses?
  3. How rapidly can the system respond to a suspected compromise?
  4. Can SLA’s be tracked in real-time? Can they be continuously monitored and alerts raised before a violation occurs, before a customer notices, and before loyalty and brand are adversely affected?

Operational Intelligence is the answer to those questions. OI is deployed with Smart Grids to increase revenue, increase loyalty, and to reduce costs and outages:

  • Service assurance in the grid
    • Visibility and tracking of the grid status
    • Automated responses to faults in the grid
  • Power distribution active management
  • Smart meter tampering detection
  • Predictive smart meter failure detection
  • Operational assurance
    • Remote access violations
    • Overload or system crash
    • Unplanned maintenance
    • Monitoring utilization
  • Client Process Visibility
    • Customer on-boarding oversight
  • Management of SLA’s and KPI’s

Vitria Operational Intelligence offers a set of tools to monitor the grid, to correlate alerts with other events of interest, and to be able to react and mitigate problems or incidents as quickly as possible on behalf of the provider.

OI operates in a non-intrusive way, accessing systems, managing multiple sources of data and events, filtering information as necessary, enriching it, then correlating and aggregating that information to form compound, rich business insight. It then determines in real-time whether or not action is required, often suggesting solutions or automatically performing remediation.

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