Managing your Operational Intelligence environment.

The heart of Vitria OI is the analytics engine, which has been designed and optimized to perform in-memory analytics over real-time streams of data. The Complex Event Processing Analytic Query models, called Event Processing Networks (EPN) are created in a graphical modeling environment that provides a rich library of services and functions that have been optimized to participate in the continuous, real-time analysis and pattern recognition algorithms.

Patterns may be very complex, involving events from multiple sources, multiple geographies and multiple time frames. Real world patterns may involve multiple event sequences with temporal or geographical relationships that vary based on the position in the pattern where they are detected.

All of which seems off-putting-ly scary until you see the built in management tools that surface those models in to beautifully rendered, insightful charts. For a large retailer, Vitria recently built dashboards that showed new business metrics in less than 24 hours after arriving on site.

We provide business and management level access through a variety of tools, some built-in and some custom created using the included workbench. Built-in tools such as Activity Tracker and KPI builder can be self-serve tools for managers and business users. Leveraging the BPM and dashboarding capabilities, solutions often include business-level views, rolled-up appropriately for specific users’ needs. They can also be used by developers to provide deeper more complex visibility and insight.

The continuous real-time analytics that are used for detection and alerting also create results in a historical repository. The historical results are available for subsequent analysis and are also made available to the ‘self-learning’ engines so that new patterns and correlations can be automatically spotted. This insight is often used to schedule notifications so that operations staff can be proactively notified of events as they’re predicted to occur.

Vitria OI provides process management capabilities (intelligent BPM), including manual work flow steps, that enable the lifecycle of issues and incidents to be managed, monitored and reviewed from the time they are first detected until they are considered closed. Dashboards and notifications are used to help managers participate in the monitoring and resolution of process lifecycles as needed.

Vitria Operational Intelligence is sophisticated at heart and beautiful by design.

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