Live Demo: Streaming Analytics – The Next Big Thing in Big Data

As the speed of business accelerates, organizations are producing increasingly vast volumes of high velocity data in a variety of formats. Previously, organizations have had to resort to capturing, storing, and attempting to extract insights from data warehouses, after-the-fact. Organizations are now beginning to realize the benefits of being able to continuously analyze data as it is captured, in real-time – and take immediate action. The challenge lies in the fact that few organizations have the tools to analyze and immediately act on streaming data. In fact, in a recent survey, although 41% of the respondents stated that the ability to analyze and act on streaming data in minutes was critical, 67% admitted to not having the infrastructure to support that goal.

Join the Vitria Product Team as they demonstrate and discuss:

  1. What is streaming analytics?
  2. How does it compare with Hadoop, BI, and other Big Data analytics solutions?
  3. What kinds of business problems are best addressed with streaming analytics? Live demonstration of how to uncover, analyze, and act on insights – from streaming data
  4. Architectural best practices to support both BI and streaming analytics

Dale Skeen, Co-Founder & CTO,Vitria
Rajiv Onat, Director of Product Management, Vitria

Date/Time: Thursday, May 8th, 8 am PDT / 11 am EDT / 4 pm UK Time


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