In the Spotlight: Streaming Analytics in Action

I hosted a webinar yesterday that featured a live demonstration of Vitria’s streaming analytics solution. The webinar drew 340 registrants across a host of industries. Dr. Dale Skeen, CTO & Co-Founder of Vitria, kicked off the session by succinctly defining streaming analytics and differentiating it from BI and other batch-oriented analytics approaches. He then delved into the kinds of business problems that are best addressed with streaming analytics using customer stories. My personal favorite is how O2 uses streaming analytics to excel at real-time one-to-one marketing. By correlating customer movements over time along the set of cell sites that serve the Eurostar route – while masking out other local train services along the same route – this mobile operator is able to predict which customers are about to leave the country and can then send them a highly targeted and timely marketing offer – before they reach their destination and turn off data roaming.

Rajiv Onat, Director of Product Management at Vitria, then showed the audience how you can quickly and easily tap into live streams of data to correlate and uncover actual event and activity patterns, set baselines, define KPIs, continuously analyze events against a baseline, and trigger alerts, notifications and even workflows when thresholds are met or exceeded.

He also demonstrated how easy it is to share the dashboards that you create with other users. The kinds of questions that attendees ask during such sessions are a good gauge of market maturity. The attendee interaction during yesterday’s webinar showed that there is a growing understanding of the benefits and uses of streaming analytics. There were also several questions around how streaming analytics would fit in with an organization’s existing Hadoop ecosystem or BI system, how it compared with open-source stream processing frameworks, ways to define temporal patterns and more. If you missed the session, I’d like to invite you to watch the replay and view the presentation slides.

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