Forrester & Vitria Present on Improving Customer Experience and Real-time 1:1 Marketing with Streaming Analytics

I recently had the pleasure of co-presenting a webinar with Mike Gualtieri, Principal Analyst at Forrester.  It was a highly engaging session on streaming analytics – why it’s so important, what capabilities are essential, how it complements existing BI and Big Data infrastructure and how companies are reaping significant rewards around improving the customer experience and generating incremental revenue.

With hundreds of registrants for the event, it’s clear that companies are recognizing that streaming analytics offer rich opportunities to engage more meaningfully with their customers. Mike describes this as treating customers like royalty, and he shared fascinating case studies around how companies are leveraging streaming analytics to predict what their customers need in real-time and engage and delight them through micro-targeted, individualized 1:1 marketing.

We fielded questions from the audience on the architectural best practices that enable traditional and streaming analytics solutions to coexist and on the types of business problems and opportunities that streaming analytics solutions can tackle.  We also looked at specific industries that are further along on adopting streaming analytics, the cost-benefit analysis around implementation, and more.

With respect to 1:1 marketing, a Forrester survey revealed that nearly 70% of respondents indicated that treating customers as unique individuals was a key expectation within their customer base. How do you gain real-time insight at the individual customer level?

Streaming analytics can correlate your customers’ behaviors, interactions, and preferences along with their social activity, relationships, and recent locations. Whether you’re running loyalty programs, location-based offers, or event-based  propositions, streaming analytics arms you with the insights you need to anticipate your customer’s needs at the individual level – down to the minute or even the second – before the critical window of opportunity is closed.

I thank Mike for a great presentation highlighting the potential around 1:1 situational marketing.  The possibilities are truly endless. If you’d like to replay the webinar to view the full presentation, click here.  To take a test drive and learn more about what streaming data analytics can do for your organization, we’d love to have you try out our solution for free in the cloud at

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