Extracting Value from Big Data Using Operational Intelligence: Mobile Customer Monitoring

Traditional network-centric service assurance solutions lack insight into customer behavior as well as the impact of network performance on their customers. As a result, call centers are overloaded as mobile communications service providers (CSPs) attempt to resolve customer issues and meet service-level agreement requirements using historical data and reactive processes.

An Operational Intelligence (OI) solution gives CSPs visibility into real-time customer data and real-time network data, together. An OI solution enables the predictive and proactive identification, prioritization, and resolution of service quality alerts and issues, often before they impact the customer. With OI, mobile CSPs can quickly gain insight into a situation and take immediate action to modify traditional processes to resolve a problem before customer impact.

Furthermore, by using real-time customer data and real-time network data, an OI solution can provide real-time problem diagnosis and root-cause analysis to accurately locate the cause of service degradation issues. The result is a common operating picture that enables the faster detection, analysis, and response to service quality and delivery issues.

An OI solution makes it easy for CSPs to implement the continuous, real-time monitoring and analysis of integrated network and business service issues. With OI, companies gain the insight required to proactively optimize the customer experience.

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