Extracting Value from Big Data Using Operational Intelligence: Intelligent Business Activity Monitoring

Intelligent Business Activity Monitoring (iBAM) is the process used to detect compliance and risk issues within financial and operational activities. Better than just a snapshot at the end of the week or month (such as with standard BAM tools), iBAM enables immediate action to be taken.

Operational Intelligence (OI) delivers continuous, real-time insight into business and technical operations. With OI, organizations improve governance, lower compliance costs, and optimize operational performance. Furthermore, by correlating “live” information with historical data, OI delivers continuous, real-time insights so that immediate action can be taken to maximize profitability, optimize the customer experience, and maintain strict regulatory compliance.

Organizations using OI see a continuous, real-time
common operating picture so that all authorized executives and their departments have current information. With OI for iBAM, organizations can have complete situational awareness to make faster, better, and more informed operational decisions.

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