CSPs and 1-to-1 Marketing: The Power of Personalization

Communication Service Provider (CSP) marketers are on a perpetual quest to find innovative ways to better serve their customers and improve the relevance of their offers. The greatest value is delivered through treating customers as individuals, and CSPs can achieve this capability through leveraging real-time analytics to deliver the right offer to the right person at precisely the right time.

Real-time, one-to-one marketing empowers CSPs to provide an individualized customer experience.  If CSPs can track where customers have been and where they are in real-time, they can leverage predictive analytics capabilities to predict where they are going and present a highly targeted, valuable offer within the very narrow window of opportunity.

Consider this example.  A mobile carrier using Vitria OI can determine when a customer is about to exit the U.K. and travel to France on the Eurostar.  By correlating customer movement over time – in this case along the cell sites that service the Eurostar route – the carrier is able to predict which customers are about to leave the country in real-time. Why is this capability so important?

It’s important because of how it plays out for customers on an individual level. If you’re traveling to France from the U.K. and don’t have an international data plan, you have two options.  Your first choice is to turn off data roaming for the duration of your stay, thereby forgoing the convenience and value that your plan delivers entirely.  Your second choice is to keep the roaming feature active and pay the premium on your next billing statement – and this premium can be exorbitant.

From a CSP’s perspective, it’s vitally important to keep customers happy – this both builds affinity and minimizes attrition.  Using real-time analytics, CSPs can identify individual subscribers who are about to leave the country based on their current location and real-time travel trajectory and present them with an offer for an international data roaming plan. From a subscriber’s perspective, their carrier has provided them with a highly personalized customer experience – it’s outstanding service because it proactively predicts the customer’s international data roaming conundrum and solves the problem before it happens.

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Using Vitria OI, CSPs can easily profile and categorize subscribers based on a wide variety of attributes, including location, device type, the apps that they use and their peak usage times. Leveraging streaming data and predictive analytics, CSP marketers are better equipped to personalize offers and provide subscribers with genuinely useful information and offers in a timely fashion. For instance, CSPs can track which applications a subscriber is using and when they use them most.  By gathering this data, CSP marketers can contextualize this information to generate personalized offers that match their profile characteristics and behaviors.

CSPs can also leverage real-time analytics capabilities to secure partnerships with retailers, billboard operators, sports venues and other event producers using a revenue share model. By capitalizing on the ability to access and analyze attributes and behaviors in real-time, CSPs can deliver personalized offers to customers on behalf of their partners.

The ability to treat subscribers as individuals through highly targeted, valuable, timely and personalized offers is good for both the carrier and its customers, and all of this is achieved through real-time analytics capabilities.

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