Business Activity Monitoring: How Streaming Data Analytics Apps Deliver Immediate and Tangible Value

Imagine an environment in which companies can detect, analyze and act on business activity patterns within minutes or even seconds of occurrence – an environment where business users can easily track and trace operational activity across applications and organizational data silos in real-time. How does this capability translate into tangible and immediate value for businesses across industries?

It means that companies are empowered to unravel supply chain challenges, detect and squelch fraudulent activity, avoid delayed shipments and order fulfillment, and predict and prevent customer churn – all before the customer or broader organization is affected. This directly translates into cost savings, improved operational efficiency and a better customer experience.

We are pleased to offer our latest set of Operational Intelligence Apps that place the power of real-time Business Activity Monitoring where it belongs – on the front line. Business users can instantly identify and solve a wide scope of operational problems and issues, and they don’t need an army of developers to make it happen.

Our Activity Discovery App detects and analyzes business patterns in real time, highlighting typical and exception paths from live streams of data.  Business users can visualize and analyze transactions and other activities as they unfold and implement corrective action before real damage is done or opportunities are lost.

The Activity Tracker App integrates tracking across business and application silos.  Business users can identify activity patterns and map out which milestones they want to monitor in real-time.  Because the application extends across all data capture points, it delivers unparalleled visibility into end-to-end processes.

We incorporated the most advanced enhancements in stream processing into the KPI Builder App, making it easier than ever for data analysts and power users to define and monitor key performance indicators over streaming data, facilitating trend analysis and problem prediction to optimize outcomes through automated dashboards.

We recognize the importance of the dashboard user interface, the ability to share information within seconds, and immediate access to live streams of data for real-time analysis.  Our Dashboard Builder App lets users create interactive, intuitive dashboards that can be shared across users in real-time, and our Stream Builder App provides access to live streams of data for immediate analysis and action, resulting in significantly less latency in decision making.

When you imagine the possibilities around what real-time Business Activity Monitoring could deliver to your organization, it’s important to keep in mind the wide breadth of benefits that this capability offers.  Whether you’re focused on supply chain management, fraud detection, quality customer service, customer churn or other operational concerns, real-time Business Activity Monitoring puts your people in a position of power.

If you’re monitoring business activity after the fact, you’ve essentially lost the opportunity to implement corrective action before real damage is done – damage that costs money, time and customer good will. And, if you’re not able to analyze your data in real-time across organizational and application silos, you’re only seeing a fraction of the picture, not the end-to-end view around critical processes that you need to improve operational efficiency and service quality across the organization.

Real-time Business Activity Monitoring is the answer, and Vitria has the apps for that. Try them out for free at and visit  to learn more about our Business Activity Monitoring solution.

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