Vitria included as a well-emerging player in IoT Data Analytics

Sys-Con Media names Vitria Technology as a well-emerging company in IoT

Luisa Milic posted a great article on Sys-con Media about “IoT Data Analytics, & the essential steps companies need to set up for success”. In the post, Luisa states that “businesses still have the prospect of creating competitive advantage by mastering complex IoT technology and fully understanding the potential of IoT data analytics capabilities.”

Her post summarizes many of the key points from the joint report titled IoT Data Analytics Report 2016 by Camrosh and Ideya Ltd. The report looks to help businesses understand the real potential and value of IoT data and IoT analytics . To quote Luisa, “The report examines the IoT data analytics landscape and discusses key product features and factors to consider when selecting an IoT analytics tool.” The report lists Vitria is one of the well emerging players.

Luisa explains that “it is essential for companies to set up their business objectives across the organization and identify and prioritize specific IoT use cases that support each of the organizational functions”. We agree. In fact we recently posted about the approach to creating value rapidly from IoT Analytics and discuss this exact challenge.

As a well emerging IoT player, Vitria provides an IoT Analytics platform to businesses with faster analytics, smarter actions, rapid innovation and better outcomes faster. Vitria has built great partnerships and helps industry leaders design and implement their end-to-end IoT solutions.

Please click here to read the full article and read about Vitria’s IoT Analytics Platform on this page.

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