Vitria Announces VIA – An IoT Analytics Platform for the Internet of Things Era

We are excited about our announcement today of VIA – a major new version of our IoT Analytics Platform. VIA includes a significant number of new innovations designed to meet the unprecedented challenges of IoT Analytics. It is the result of our dedication to analytics and intelligent automation in recent years and has been proven in large production environments will billions of events per day.

As our CEO, JoMei Chang, said, “IoT changes everything and real-time analytics are at the core of value creation in the connected world of IoT. What network of devices, application or processes can’t benefit from smarter, faster and more automated, analytic driven behavior?”

VIA has already proven its ability to deliver the benefits of faster analytics, smarter actions, and rapid innovation to its early adopters. As a result, these Vitria customers are achieving better business outcomes faster – and getting value quickly from IoT.

Please click here to read the full press release and read more about VIA IoT Analytics Platform on this page.

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