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IoT Analytics offers fresh possibilities for creation of business value, but major risks and challenges need to be addressed to capture the opportunities. Creating value requires a disciplined project methodology and robust communication among diverse team members. There is a need for rich collaboration among many different types of technical specialists and business generalists. Vitria’s extensive experience with IoT Analytics gives us a rare perspective on this challenge. This perspective drove us to create our Analytic DataFlow (ADF) capability.

IoT Analytics Challenges and Potential Benefits

IoT Analytics presents many and varied challenges. First, there is the cost and time associated with the iterations of a solution to adapt to dynamic business conditions and requirements. Moreover, sustaining business value requires more than systems definition and implementation. Business value with IoT only comes through the continuous optimization of people, processes, and IoT “things” in one package. It’s no surprise that many early IoT analytics projects have failed. While these challenges are certainly considerable, the pervasive nature of IoT also means that the potential opportunities to generate value are also more far-reaching. They generally fall into three categories – revenue enhancement, cost reduction, and operational efficiency.

Vitria VIA – The IoT Analytics Platform Designed to Meet these Challengesr

Addressing the pain points and challenges above to achieve these benefits requires a mature management approach and technology strategy. Based on our experience with our VIA IoT Analytics platform, we believe there are six key requirements for IoT Analytics software platforms.

  • All the required technology pieces must be unified into a single platform – data access, analytics, visual development, and visual analytics
  • Unification of all types of analytics – historical, real-time, predictive and prescriptive analytics into a single analytics engine
  • Robust set of connectors and adapters that integrate with a wide range of data sources
  • The capability to trigger timely automatic actions based on the analytics results
  • Visual development methods that enable non-programmers to collaborate with software engineering staff

VIA Analytic DataFlow (ADF) – Enables IoT Analytics Collaboration for Everyone on the Team

ADF empowers developers and nosiness analysts to rapidly create analytics-based solutions using visual models that require little or no coding. It has a single visual modeling paradigm for streaming and batch applications over all analytical methods. This visual modeling environment enables the creation of IoT Analytics solutions in days, not months. ADF has several foundational capabilities:

  • An interface that enables the quick creation of “analytics pipelines” that eliminates the handcraft labor associated with complex tools and thereby eliminates errors
  • The visual environment with a library of building blocks that enables non-programmers to build solutions quickly and empowers them to contribute their business solution knowledge
  • A powerful underlying Analytic Flow Engine for processing all types of data and analytics
  • Summary

    IoT Analytics offers great potential but many challenges to achieve that potential. The team at Vitria has spent the last several years learning these challenges and creating innovative solutions to solve them. Our Analytic DataFlow capability is the unique catalyst our customers are using to accelerate IoT Analytics development. To learn more,read the whitepaper here.

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