The What & For Whom of Business Activity Monitoring

The term Business Activity Monitoring, or BAM, was first coined by Gartner analyst David W. McCoy in April 2002, and refers to the drawing of information from multiple application systems and other internal and external (enterprise) sources, enabling a broader and richer view of business activities. In the next couple of blog posts, I’ll be exploring BAM solutions, specifically with respect to dashboarding capabilities.

One of the most visible features of BAM solutions is the presentation of information on dashboards that contain key performance indicators used to provide assurance and visibility. Such information is then used by business executives to gain visibility and measurement of key business activities for improving customer satisfaction and increasing business agility through rapid response to threats and opportunities.

Advanced BAM Solutions

Those BAM solutions that are integrated as part of an Operational Intelligence Suite can provide additional trouble notification functionality for proactively resolving issues that impact revenue. For example, in a call center business, if a valued customer’s call with an operator exceeds a threshold resolution time, a floor manager might be advised via a proactive alert to intervene and resolve the situation.

In my next post, I’ll cover more in-depth examples and further benefits of BAM solutions, along with guidance on when and where to deploy such solutions.

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