Retail and IoT Adoption – Integration is the Key


When market observers discuss IoT adoption, the industrial manufacturing sector often gets the majority of the attention. There are some good reasons for that – companies that create physical products often move millions of parts through their supply chains and factories – tracking and managing all that activity is a natural for IoT applications.

Nevertheless, many other market segments have been coming on strong with IoT in the last few months, and Vitria is seeing retail as one of the most dynamic segments. Then, this retail research study by Zebra Technologies caught our eye – and it validated some of the things we are seeing with our retail customers and prospects.

Zebra surveyed over 1,700 retailers around the world and came away with some interesting information:

  • 70% are making changes to adopt IoT technologies
  • 65% are investing in automation technologies for various management purposes
  • By 2021, 80% of these retailers expect to have the ability to target customers 1/1 in the store

This research is consistent with trends that Vitria is seeing with our retail customers and prospects evaluating and using our VIA IoT Analytics Platform. As Jeff Schmitz from Zebra says in the article: “Every inch of the retail industry is changing, from the aisles of the warehouse to the shelves of the store, and retailers are driving this change in a race to better serve customers.”

We think the folks at Zebra are on to something with this point of view. Specifically, the fundamental point of IoT and retail is that all the facets of the business must be integrated to deliver a superior customer experience. As the article goes on to state: “The 2017 Retail Vision Study demonstrates that retailers are poised to meet and exceed customer expectations with new levels of personalization, speed, and convenience.”


Our customers are using the Vitria VIA platform to integrate a wide range of IoT Analytics use cases to deliver this vision. To learn more about how VIA can accomplish this, you can read our whitepaper: Vitria VIA – Retail and IoT Analytics: A Single Platform for all your Use Cases

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