Real-Time Big Data Analytics + Internet of Things (IoT) = Value Creation

Vitria recently administered an online survey on the topic of Real-Time Big Data Analytics as it pertains to the Internet of Things (IoT) and were pleased to have the chance to collect data from leading industry experts and learn about the challenges that companies are currently facing in the field.

According to the survey, executives across the consumer, enterprise, and industrial sectors see enormous opportunity with real-time Big Data analytics to drive business outcomes for their IoT initiatives. In many cases, executives are already deploying or planning to deploy first-generation real-time analytics for IoT within the next 12 months. The vast majority of executives see real-time analytics as a core investment strategy and as a top IoT initiative for their organizations.

IoT and real-time Big Data analytics presents a new set of analytics challenges and questions, such as what sources of data to measure and monitor? What analytics features and capabilities to invest in? What analytics benefits to expect and achieve? How to measure and attribute these benefits to the top line and bottom line? How to operationalize real-time analytics? And most importantly, how to evaluate if your organization is ready for real-time Big Data analytics?

To see how your industry peers answered the above questions and to discover the key insights from the report, access a copy of the full report by visiting:

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