Real-Time Analytics Hitting the Mainstream at the Utilities Analytics Summit

The team at Vitria attended and presented at the Utilities Analytics Summit last month in San Diego. Our team really enjoyed the event. It was great to see so many friends and colleagues focused on the growing importance of analytics within the utilities community. We are grateful to the Energy Management Institute for a productive and high quality experience.

Our team noticed that unlike previous years where analytics discussions were primarily at the concept and test level, this year it was rewarding to hear about so many actual use cases in production with positive ROI.  It was also nice to see the focus shift to business case development and strategies for creating and sponsoring roadmaps of initiatives.  It is now clear that the utilities industry is focused on implementations of real-time analytics for a wide variety of use cases and applications.

2016 Utilities Analytics Summit

Helping our customers master the new core competency of making analytics and in particular real-time analytics “operational” is the mainstay of Vitria’s business. We appreciated the opportunity at the show to have so many discussions about the multitude of use cases and best practice approaches to the adoption of the analytics value chain, our process for helping utilities get from wherever they are to driving value from advanced analytics.

You can read more below about how Vitria’s value chain approach can help drive value in utilities for real-time analytic use cases such as:

In addition, you can discover even more information and content on how utilities leverage Vitria’s solutions in this dedicated section of our web site –

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