Product Support: What Are The 3 Critical Components Of An OI Solution?

I talk to experts, analysts, and gurus in the Business Analytics industry quite frequently. When I get together with these folks, there are some recurring “parts” that seem to define what makes up a total Operational Intelligence (OI) solution.

OI solutions share many features, and therefore many technology components. Here’s a list of some of the recurring critical technology components, and the features they enable:

  1. Complex-Event Processing (CEP) Engine: To properly analyze and draw conclusions from multiple real-time (and historical) event sources as the information updates.
  2. Business Process Management (BPM) Suite: To respond in a quick and meaningful way to process alerts in order to provide customers with the desired outcome.
  3. Powerful Visual Dashboards: To see and access information from a wide variety of sources using a rich and interactive user interface.

I’ll mention a practical application to highlight the criticalness of each component, but what’s interesting is how they all combine  – when well integrated – to enable a solution that’s greater than the sum of its parts:

The operations manager of a shipping company needs to have visual data on all of the critical factors, including information (such as roadside conditions) delivered from outside sources, to make real-time decisions on when would be the optimal time to dispatch a plane (in place of a truck) to still ensure an on-time delivery. The manager takes a quick glance at a rich visual dashboard and recognizes a leading indicator of delays taking shape – a combination of severe road and weather conditions and a spike in oversized orders. Thanks to the underlying CEP Engine’s ability to correlate these disparate data feeds, however, she now has information that she can act upon, which she does so by kicking-off a process to ensure an unplanned plane shipment to the affected area.

Please share your opinions and insights. If a particular feature is of interest to you, let me know in the Comments Section, and I’ll put it on the schedule for a full blog article.

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