IoT Analytics – Unification is the Hot Topic

IoT Analytics Unification

We follow IoT and Analytics news and reports closely here at Vitria, and so have a pretty good handle on what are the hot topics as IoT continues to evolve and gain maturity. One of the strong undercurrents in the evolution of the IoT market has been the significant issue of making sense of the many streams of IoT data and the inability to generate real-world business value.

We have written often about the need for unification at two levels for IoT to generate more substantial business value. First, the various types of analytics must be put in context to provide the basis for the best possible insights and actions. And then, at a higher level, the analytics need to be unified into a broader platform or system in order to trigger the actions required to generate business value.

We noticed two recent articles that reinforced these views and demonstrate the increasing understanding of the need for unification at both of these levels.

First, in his recent blog post, “IoT Analytics – A panel discussion” on Sys-con Media, Jnan Dash did a very nice job rounding up the highlights of a recent panel organized by the IoT Global Council.  In his round-up Jnan writes about his own contribution to the dialogue and specifically how creating a big Hadoop Data Lake is really only 5% of the puzzle.  He goes on to point out that all the “pieces of the puzzle” of analytics must be considered for maximum effect: streaming, descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive. We share his view of the importance of all the puzzle pieces.  Read More Here

The second article that caught our attention was written by Erhan Cakmak and appeared in RCR Wireless News.  In his piece, “Reality Check: The inevitable convergence of IoT, analytics, and visuals“, Erhan does a nice job stepping through the “inevitable” logic of how the combination of IoT, Analytics, and Visuals will drive innovation and value across a wide range of use cases and industries.  We think his case is rather persuasive and in particular his emphasis on the competitive advantages of the ability to act intelligently real-time on the deluge of enterprise IoT data that is being created across large organizations. Read More Here


As IoT continue to mature, the evolution is beginning to harken back to an earlier era in computing history.  We have often seen that the pace of adoption of a particular computing paradigm requires a critical mass of technology to truly hit its stride.  Furthermore, the maturing technologies must be packaged and unified in such a way that the ultimate users and buyers can gain value rapidly.  IoT is a relatively simple concept, but generating value from it requires the unification of a host of technologies to enable enterprises to gain value.  The writers above clearly outline two of the unification layers required to accelerate the transition to the generation of business value.

Our VIA IoT Analytics Platform was designed to make that vision possible.  To learn more how VIA’s unification drives value quickly for IoT use cases, click here


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