Have you Tried Real-Time Analytics?

real-time analytics

  • Are you ready to experience the power of real-time analytics using IoT data streams?
  • Have you been wondering how applying predictive and prescriptive analytics leveraging real-time data flowing from all of those IoT devices might change your business?

If so, now is the time. For a limited period, Vitria is conducting a free SaaS trial of our new IoT Analytics Platform as a Service Offering (PaaS) to a select number of customers!

Benefits of IoT Analytics

IoT analytics, allow you to capture insights hidden within IoT data before they disappear. By combining historical data from your data lakes and data warehouses to provide solid historical analytics and machine learning with the new data flowing in from your IoT devices every minute, you can produce real-time predictions. You may be asking, how does this work?
Basically, you use your historical data and machine learning tools to build predictive models. Using stream processing, these predictive models can be operationalized to produce real time predictions.

You can also use historical data to produce baseline analytics like standard operational KPIs for your IoT devices. Then you can use these historical baselines to compare with real time KPIs flowing from your real time data streams to provide additional context for detecting unusual device behavior.

Real-time analytics is critical no matter how fast the data in your application.  Because volume and variety of big data is so big and the velocity of IoT data is also huge, you don’t even need to have the fastest real-time data to make a significant difference. Why?
If you have data flowing in from thousands of devices every hour or millions of devices every couple hours, it doesn’t take long before you have statically relevant numbers that let you know that something is trending in a direction you weren’t expecting. That gives you the opportunity to make changes and catch problems before things get really bad.

Real-time analytics can be applied to a number of significant business problems such as:

  • Predicting failures
  • Detecting fraud
  • Optimizing resources
  • One-to-one marketing

Here is how to get started

For a limited time, Vitria will be offing a Free Trial of our IoT Analytics Platform to a select number of people. This is a great opportunity for you to see the benefits of incorporating real-time analytics from your IoT devices into your business processes first-hand. This special offer includes, not only a three month free trial, but also specialized one-on-one expert assistance to help you get the most out of your trial.

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