Vitria’s October 2016 IoT Newsletter Preview

Vitria's Oct IoT Newsletter Preview

IoT Analytics continues to grow in the news, with lots of buzz & attention as it expands. One of the regular features of our ongoing marketing and education efforts here at Vitria is our periodic newsletter. Our general practice is to feature particularly interesting news items or research studies that contain interesting insights or bits of wisdom that our regular readers will find valuable.

In our October edition, which goes out this week, there are several trend articles on IoT Analytics that we chose to include. In addition, we are announcing our exhibit presence at the upcoming Utilities Analytics Week in Atlanta and the European Utility Week in Barcelona. Let us know if you will be there as we would be happy to meet up.

Among the articles cited, this one about a recent IDC research study on IoT growth and analytics really caught our attention. The transition from concepts to real deployments seems to be picking up!

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