Breaking the IoT Analytics Bottleneck

VIA’s Unique Low Code / No Code Visual Development Environment Transforms IoT Analytics

Breaking the Bottleneck


Accelerating IoT Analytics solutions development is a fundamental goal at Vitria. We have observed in our experience on a range of IoT projects that writing code is a major bottleneck and critical path issue in IoT Analytics projects, especially because the volume and velocity of IoT data requires using Big Data Tools. Creating high quality code is even more of a challenge in Big Data and IoT Analytics projects because of the complexity and immaturity of the development tools and environments. Most importantly, mastering the use of Big Data tools requires highly specialized technical skills that are in high demand and short supply, and this has created a significant skills bottleneck. It is no wonder that Gartner estimates that 60% of Big Data projects fail, and those associated with IoT Analytics are no exception. Solving this challenge requires the empowerment of solution developers and analysts that have the highest degree of domain knowledge – but who may not have the deep technical skills of Big Data specialists.


Breaking the coding bottleneck is fundamental to accelerating IoT Analytics development. Furthermore, key staff members who are not software engineers need to become integral to IoT Analytics projects in a way that has not been the case to date. The most innovative and valuable IoT solutions will typically be a collaboration among three groups: Data Scientists, Big Data technical specialists, and most importantly – solution developers. The most valuable and innovative IoT Analytics applications and solutions will come from the minds and experience of the third group – the application practitioners and solution developers. New tools are needed to democratize solution development and empower this group and transform them into ‘citizen developers’ to enable their essential business level contributions that are the key to success.


Vitria’s VIA IoT Analytics Platform addresses these coding and complexity challenges head-on. The platform features a Visual Development Environment based on Visual Flow Graphs which abstract and mask the highly technical features of Big Data frameworks. It enables developers and analysts to rapidly create analytic processing flows with no coding and thereby empowers citizen developers – especially those most closely aligned with IoT and who are less likely to have Big Data skill sets. VIA therefore overcomes the scarcity of Big Data skills and the complexity of Big Data development tools.


VIA’s Visual Development Environment delivers several fundamental benefits:

  • Overcomes the Big Data Skills Gap – VIA’s Visual Development Environment is a direct solution to the Big Data skills gap. The visual tools enable the “citizen developer” to quickly lay out analytics pipelines and flow to define solutions for IoT and Big Data use cases and applications.
  • Empowers the Citizen Developer – VIA empowers solution developers and analysts who have the most intimate knowledge of IoT business challenges and are therefore in the best position to address them. This democratization of solution development via the involvement of a richer and more knowledgeable team improves the quality of contributions – especially when it comes to choosing and defining the details of high business value IoT use cases and applications.
  • Produces More Robust & Reliable Solutions – Reduced Code Risk. Writing new code – particularly in large volumes – is always a risk in any software project. Big Data languages and tools introduce a significant degree of risk because of new coding requirements, and this has helped to create the high failure rate in Big Data and IoT projects. VIA’s visual tools reduce risk by minimizing the amount of new code that needs to be written. Furthermore, the Visual Flow Graphs run in a well hardened and well-tested environment. The result is production quality systems that run continuously and reliably.
  • Faster Time to Solution– writing new and well-engineered code takes time. VIA’s low code / no code approach minimizes new code and accelerates solution development and yields faster time to solution.
  • Fast Innovation via Rapid Iteration – VIA is designed to accelerate innovation and creation of business value for IoT. It accelerates innovation in several ways. The reduction in the effort and time for coding frees up resources and schedule time to enable teams to do more experimentation and refinement of their analytical models. In addition, the empowerment of more solution developers creates a larger community of contributors that bring more expansive and deeper domain expertise – the essential fuel of innovation.


VIA’s low code/no code Visual Development Environment is accelerating IoT Analytics development via the empowerment of the citizen developers who know IoT best — thereby fostering innovation and enabling a new generation of high value IoT applications. Click here to learn more about how IoT Analytics and the VIA platform can create value rapidly for your business.


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