Advanced Analytics in Service Operations Management

Improving service quality and lowering operating cost just got a lot easier

Automation, real-time event processing, and data-driven insight provide new ways to continuously improve operational performance. These new methods are highly dependent on advanced analytics.

VIA by Vitria is a complete analytics solution for operations executives, who need to improve operational efficiency. The VIA platform visualizes, analyzes and acts on streaming IoT and machine data, as well as historical data stores. It transforms static and dynamic data into faster and smarter actions that drive service operations performance improvements.

Check out the WHAT IF white paper to learn how service operations performance can benefit from an advanced analytic solution. The white paper addresses:

  • Business value of advanced analytics to service operations management
  • Service operations management use cases
    • Real-time event monitoring
    • Incident lifecycle management
    • Predictive maintenance and data-driven maintenance planning
  • Advantages of the VIA platform

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